Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord
March 24 5:00pm – Parish Center
March 25 8:00am – Centro Parroquial (Español)
10:00am – San José, La Ciénega
12 Noon – Parish Center

Thursday of the Lord’s Supper (Holy Thursday)
March 29 6:00pm – Historic San Isidro Church

Friday of the Passion of the Lord (Good Friday)
March 30 12 Noon – Parish Center

The Easter Vigil in the Holy Night
March 31 8:00pm – Parish Center

Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord
April 1 8:00am – Centro Parroquial (Español)
10:00am – San José, La Ciénega
12 Noon – Parish Center


Adult Faith Formation at San Isidro

• Echoes of Faith 
This is a basic level certification program for catechists accredited by the Office of Religious Education, Archdiocese of Santa Fe. Each workshop is 2 hours long. We encourage new and experienced catechists to refresh understanding of the faith development of their students, and gain some ideas for creative catechesis, celebration and ritual.
Methods for Grades 5 – 6 March 17, 10 - 12
Methods for Grades 7 – 8 March 24, 10 - 12
Venue: San Isidro Parish/Parish Center
Facilitator: Sr. Paula Gallagher, IHM
Contact: Sr. Juanita Gonzales, SC, 920-0569, juanigonzales7@comcast.net

• Radical Optimism
This Lenten presentation focuses the joyful humility of our call to serve, and a theological reflection method that includes seeing, letting go, deep presence with God in open mind, open heart, open will, recognizing the grace and call that is emerging, and crystallizing our intention and action for the Kingdom of God. It places our optimism within the ultimate realization of Paschal Mystery.
Time: March 5, 12, 19, 1 – 3 PM
Venue: San Isidro Parish Center
Facilitator: Sr. Paula Gallagher IHM
Contact: clucero@archdiosf.org, 1888-290-7907


Mandatory Child Protection Training for all parish volunteers

The Archdiocese of Santa Fe has recently changed the policy for training regarding the Abuse Awareness Training.  Participation in the training program is required for all volunteers whether or not their ministry involves contact with children.  They are expected to participate in the Archdiocese training before volunteering.  Training must be repeated every 5 years.  Please note that if you do not attend this training or complete the training online you cannot be an active volunteer at San Isidro Church.  Please call the office at 505-471-0710 or if you have any questions.


To complete the training on-line, go to the Archdiocese website at    www.archdiosf.org

On the left side of the page you will see different categories….scroll down to children and youth prevention….under that heading you will see Virtus and Virtus in Spanish

Click on the one that you want to take the training in and that link will take you directly into the training.

You will create a user name and id.

You will submit information to run your background and you will electronically sign the Virtus Code of Conduct.

You cannot use a phone or ipad, it must be a computer.  It is preferred that you use a home computer, because you are running your background you want to use a computer that is safe.

At the end there is a printable certificate.

If there are any problems call the Virtus help desk at 1-888-847-8870.


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