The original San Isidro Church was built in 1835 by the people of the Village of Agua Fria on land given by Don Jose Jacinto Gallegos. It was a Mission of St. Francis Cathedral until 1931, when it became a Mission of Our Lady of Guadalupe. When St. Anne was constructed in 1942, it became a Mission of that Parish. On October 25, 1975, Archbishop Robert F. Sanchez installed San Isidro Mission as a Parish.

Six Pastors have been assigned since its canonical conception:

  • Fr. John Esquibel (+)
  • Fr. Flavio Santillanes (+)
  • Fr. George Weisenborn (+)
  • Fr. John Rebold (+)
  • Fr. Franklin Pretto-Ferro
  • Fr. John Cannon (current)





San Isidro Catholic Parish is located at 3552 Agua Fria Street. The Parish Center, where all weekend Masses are held, is at the end of the drive, near Rufina Street. The Center may be accessed off Rufina Street during Mass times on the weekends.

The Parish has approximately 1800 families, and is the third largest parish in Santa Fe, in terms of weekend Mass attendance.

Weekday Masses are held at the Historic San Isidro Church, located down the street at 3688 Agua Fria. The church holds 120 people comfortably, and so is too small to accommodate the weekend Masses.

San Jose Church in La Cienega, is a Mission of San Isidro Church. Mass is celebrated there every Sunday at 10:00am.

Plan your visit

Visitors are always welcome to join us for Masses and special events. Please feel free to contact the parish office at 505-471-0710 with any questions or for more information on the parish. You may also contact us through the “contact us” link on this website.

Office hours are Monday, 8:00 – 4:00, and Tuesday thru Friday, 9:00-5:00.


Pastor:                                                 Fr. John Cannon

Deacons:                                             Anthony Trujillo, Michael Salazar

Director of Religious Education:    Sister Juanita Gonzales, SC

Hispanic Ministries:                         Sister Maria Eugenia Leon, MCSH

Secretary:                                           Maggie Montoya

Also please visit our related websites:

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San Isidro Youth – www.jovenesdesanisidro.com