On-line giving contributions

Thank you so very much to all of you who have continued to support your parish financially, especially during this time. We have begun on-line giving as a convenient way for you to contribute. Please click on the link below to set-up your on-line giving account. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the parish office at 471-0710. Thank you again for your support, you are truly appreciated!


You may also contribute through text message. Simply text "give" to 1-505-596-3331 and follow the instructions.


San Isidro Parish Mass and Confession Schedule

Confessions: Saturday 2:30-3:30pm in the cry room at the Parish Center. Confessions end at 3:30pm, please come early.

Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, Mass attendance is limited to 193 persons. All attendees must wear face masks and remain at least 6 feet apart. The 10:00am Mass will be livestreamed each Sunday until further notice for those unable to attend in person.

Temporary Mass Schedule (All Masses at the Parish Center):
Saturday 4:00pm –  English
Sunday    8:00am –  Español
                 10:00am – English
                 12 Noon –  English

Daily Masses will also be at the Parish Center:
Tuesday 12:15pm – English
Wednesday 5:30pm – Español
Thursday 12:15pm – English
Friday 5:30pm – Holy Hour

San Isidro Parish 10:00am Sunday Mass will be livestreamed on our Facebook page and also available to watch later.

Click here: San Isidro Facebook


Mass in Churches of Archdiocese of Santa Fe during Covid-19 Pandemic - 1st phase of return

• Attendance limited to 25% of building capacity (per fire marshal assessment).
• Dispensation from Sunday obligation remains for all.
• Persons over 60 and with compromised immune systems should be pre-advised that they are at increased risk and be encouraged to remain home.
• These guidelines are for the safety of lives and health for themselves and neighbors, and that continued opening depends on everyone’s cooperation.
• The Archdiocese remains responsive to changes in conditions/requirements, and will revise these instructions periodically as necessary.

In Churches
• No open holy water present. There may be a dispenser for people to fill bottles if desired.
• Remove missalettes/hymnals and worship aids; these are vehicles for contamination. 
• Cry rooms to be closed; inform families beforehand.
• Those of the same household sit together.

Individual Responsibility
• Sick/symptomatic stay home, as well as those with health vulnerabilities or weakened immune systems.
• Face masks are required for children age 3 and over. Parents are highly recommended NOT to bring children less than 3 years old. Persons without masks will be turned away until they can obtain one.
• Encourage attendees to bring their own disinfecting supplies to assist the parish during/between Masses.
• Prepare Children: Children 3 and older must have a mask and understand the need to wear it, having social distancing explained to them. Small children need to be with an adult at all times and not allowed to wander or visit with neighboring persons/families. Children younger than 10 should be accompanied by a responsible adolescent/adult at all times, including in the restroom.
• Let persons know if masks/sanitizer available and that they are required.
• Persons with allergies who are sneezing/coughing please refrain from attending out of charity to others.

• No congregational singing so as to minimize spread of breath droplets. Cantor may sing, and use only one instrumentalist.
• Persons should only attend one Mass or Communion service during the week to allow others to attend.
• Only the priest can be unmasked while celebrating the Mass. He should mask when not in a speaking role.
• Deacons: 1) wears masks; 2) remain at least 6 ft. from the priests; 3) does not attend at the altar; 4) may read the Gospel and preach; 5) may prepare the chalice only if maintaining social distancing from the priest and sanctuary personnel. The priest may wash his hand at the credence table.
• Do not utilize servers at present.
• Only minimal personnel in the sanctuary during Mass. Sanctuary seating/standing need adhere to social distancing.
• Use shortest liturgical forms (penitential rite, recitation of Mass parts, provided shorter readings, 2nd Eucharistic prayer, etc.) if available for the day, and only very brief homilies (3 minutes max). Decreased time = decreased contamination. The goal is 30-40 minutes for the Mass to minimize exposure/contamination.
• No handshakes/contact between families. Among family members is okay.
• Collection: Have a secure container for persons to place offerings rather than passing a basket. Encourage maximum utilization of online giving.

• Liturgy of the Eucharist
o Bread/wine is not to be processed, but come from covered containers from a credence table in the sanctuary.
o Use palls/covered ciboria/coverings for the hosts throughout the liturgy.
o Only priests should receive from the chalice; each priest to have his own chalice if concelebrating.
o Hosts only for the congregation’s Communion, and only in the hand in order to decrease possibility of cross-contaminations by: 1) inadvertent touching of saliva; and, 2) breath droplets transferred to the hand of the minister.
o Per USCCB recommendations, Communion is to be be distributed as people exit the building.
o All ministers/EM of Holy Communion are to very visibly sanitize hands prior to distributing. (Gloves/tongs add no more protection than bare hands because each can be cross-contaminated.) A cloth soaked in a non-toxic disinfecting agent (e.g., alcohol) might be used after some number of communicants for extra precaution.
o Priests/deacons/EMHCs must wear masks while distributing Communion.
o Ensure adequate distancing of EMHCs.
o Place markers or otherwise enforce social distancing during Holy Communion.
o No after-Mass assemblies. People should depart immediately after Mass.

• Procedure for Holy Communion:
o Priest(s) receives Communion at the altar as normal. Deacon(s) do not.
o Priest cleanses vessels or lays them aside for cleansing after Mass.
o Very brief announcements, if any.
o Final prayer, blessing and dismissal.
o Priest/deacons remove chasubles/dalmatics and don masks.
o Priest distributes Communion to deacons/EMHCs. All ministers receive ciboria and move to their distribution points.
o Ushers dismiss congregation by rows to receive Communion and/or depart.
o ALL communicants should be masked, receive the host in their hand, and stepping aside prior to lifting mask for consuming, and then exit the building immediately.

For Various Rites:
• Any rites with Mass follow the above guidelines.
• Baptism water changed each time (bless container of water each baptism and dispose of properly; use fresh water each time to avoid cross-contamination).
• Minister should sanitize hands visibly just before the rite in order to give reassurance to attendees.
• Masks/sanitizer/social distancing should always be used.
• Outdoor assemblies at cemeteries should be masked and maintain social distancing.


The San Martin de Porres food bank continues to provide food for those in need. Food donations are greatly appreciated and may be left in front of the parish office. Thank you for your support of this important ministry.


Reception of Catechumens and Candidates: In order that those being received into the Church are not deprived of the attendance and support of friends and family, such reception is to be delayed until such time that the current COVID-19 crisis is alleviated and a fuller celebration possible. On a designated Sunday, Archbishop Wester will grant an indult for sacraments normally received at the Easter Vigil to be celebrated. This will also allow pastors more time to complete validations of marriage for those in irregular situations.

Let us continue to pray that our Loving Lord will keep all of humanity safe from COVID-19 and that He will also grant us the gift of peace as we place all our trust in Him.

Sincerely yours in the Lord,

Most Reverend John C. Wester

Archbishop of Santa Fe


Mandatory Child Protection Training for all parish volunteers

The Archdiocese of Santa Fe has recently changed the policy for training regarding the Abuse Awareness Training.  Participation in the training program is required for all volunteers whether or not their ministry involves contact with children.  They are expected to participate in the Archdiocese training before volunteering.  Training must be repeated every 5 years.  Please note that if you do not attend this training or complete the training online you cannot be an active volunteer at San Isidro Church.  Please call the office at 505-471-0710 or if you have any questions.


To complete the training on-line, go to the Archdiocese website at    www.archdiosf.org

On the left side of the page you will see different categories….scroll down to children and youth prevention….under that heading you will see Virtus and Virtus in Spanish

Click on the one that you want to take the training in and that link will take you directly into the training.

You will create a user name and id.

You will submit information to run your background and you will electronically sign the Virtus Code of Conduct.

You cannot use a phone or ipad, it must be a computer.  It is preferred that you use a home computer, because you are running your background you want to use a computer that is safe.

At the end there is a printable certificate.

If there are any problems call the Virtus help desk at 1-888-847-8870.


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